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Hand Knitted Cashmere Scarf in Bordeaux Red

Wrap yourself in luxury with this hand-knitted cashmere scarf in Bordeaux red. Crafted from 100% cashmere, feel the warmth and comfort of this exquisite accessory. Indulge with this heavenly soft scarf - perfect for a stylish look!

Hand knitted & Hand Felted from start to finish with 100% Cashmere.
70cm (28in) wide & 200cm (80in) long.
Use it every day as a shawl, wrap, or scarf.
Fast delivery and secure payment options are available.
Ships with a gift box and storage pouch.
Delivered within 3-4 days.


Royal Red Cashmere Scarf Hand Knitted From Pure Cashmere Symbolizes Happiness & Good Fortune.
Hand Knitted Cashmere Scarf in Bordeaux Red Sale price$399.00

Your scarf is placed in a sustainable paper pouch & presented in a hand-made protective gift box made from Lokta Paper.

Cashmere, in general, becomes softer and more durable with each wash.
The threads interlock between fibres when we put it through the felting process.
The result is a delicate-looking scarf that feels light and soft.

We typically respond within 6-8 hours.

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