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Your Personalised Scarf Journey Begins Here:
  1. Secure your personalized masterpiece by completing the checkout for this bespoke item.

  2. We will reach out to fine-tune your specific color and design aspirations.

  3. From there, our master artisans spring into action, meticulously hand-looming a scarf that will serve as a manifestation of your aesthetic essence.

  4. You can opt for a gradient color effect with our ombré option. We are virtuosos in color blending, capable of delivering a dynamic range of shades in one exquisite piece.

  5. Still Have quetions? We are agile, attentive, and available, ensuring you get your answers within a breezy 3-5 hours. Contact us here

Scarf Details:
  • Handmade from start to finish.
  • Made of the Purest Cashmere fibers. Thickness and feel are customisable.
  • 40"x80" / 1mx2m. Sizes are customisable.
  • Light as a feather
  • Ultra soft and durable.
  • Ships with an optional gift box and storage pouch.


Bespoke Handmade Cashmere Scarf
Bespoke Handmade Cashmere Scarf Sale price$299.00

Your scarf is placed in a sustainable paper pouch & presented in a hand-made protective gift box made from Lokta Paper.

Cashmere, in general, becomes softer and more durable with each wash.
The threads interlock between fibres when we put it through the felting process.
The result is a delicate-looking scarf that feels light and soft.