Our story

Felted Cashmere is a second-generation cashmere atelier nestled in the Himalayan foothills of Nepal. We have woven the finest cashmere products on traditional handlooms since 1982. We have been shipping to customers worldwide with our online store since 2020.

We take slow fashion literally and help our weavers and craftsmen and their families live in a happy and healthy environment by empowering them through healthcare and education. We are one of the last remaining handloom operated cashmere makers in Nepal and so we know it is our responsibility to sustain it.

our mission

Interwoven in each piece is the story of a team of local master artisans and craftsmen, learned in ancient weaving and handmade techniques. 

As we share their creations with the world, we will train the upcoming generation in this artisanal skill. More importantly, we aspire to create a sustainable and thriving environment for our weaving team and their communities.

We will improve our processes, address the challenges of our time, and stay relevant while keeping true to our core values.

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100% Pure Himalayan Cashmere

Each scarf goes through a meticulous process. It takes 2 days to warp, 7 days to weave a scarf, 2 days to hand-felt it, & another two days to dye it into the finished Cashmere Scarf.

meet Chamrey jirel

master weaver and dad of 2 girls

Photo: Chamrey, our head weaver has been weaving with us for 32 years. He was taught the looming skills by his uncle.

It's a team effort - 2 spinners, 1 warper, 2 drafters, 4 weavers, 2 dyers , 4 felters , 3 finishers and 1 box maker work with precision to produce your final handmade product.

natural cashmere fibres, no-wastage traditional looms, eco-friendly Swiss dyes, eco- packaging

fair trade focus

We care about the environment and put careful thought into our processes.

Your order is delivered in a Gift Box that is handmade using Lokta Paper. Lokta Paper is made from a plant called Daphne Papyracea, native to Nepal & which grows at altitudes of 3000 meters & above.

Made from the bark of the Danphe tree, this handmade paper is sourced from the ground level without destroying its roots. It grows naturally within 3 to 4 years without adversely affecting the forest ecology.

Lokta paper box is made to last. We hope you find ingenious ways to reuse it.