Felted Cashmere

Handwoven Pure Cashmere Scarf in Black


$229.00 USD

- Handmade from start to finish.
- Woven by master artisans in Nepal.
- 100% Pure Cashmere material.
- Soft and comfortable feel.

Size: 2m (80in) long & 1m (40in) wide
Use it every day as a shawl, scarf or wrap.

Weight: 70 grams / 2.5 ounces.
Specially woven to be super light.
Easy to carry around in your bag.

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Delivered directly from our weaving center.
Packed in a traditional Nepalese handmade gift box.

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Our featherlight cashmere scarves weaver.

Black scarf

Felted Cashmere

Made with eco-friendly pure cashmere yarns
200/2 yarn count
35-55mm yarn length
14-16 microns

Handwoven on a zero-wastage, traditional handloom

Hand-dyed with azo-free, eco-friendly Black dye

Hand-felted for extra softness

Packed in a traditional Nepalese handmade lokta gift box.

your order ships in a lokta gift paper box

Your scarf is placed in a sustainable paper pouch & presented in a hand-made protective gift box made from Lokta Paper.

felting by hand

Cashmere, in general, becomes softer and more durable with each wash.
The threads interlock between fibres when we put it through the felting process.
The result is a delicate-looking scarf that feels light and soft.