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Article: Can Cashmere help you with sleep?

Can Cashmere help you with sleep?

When was the last time you recall yourself sleeping right after the moment you put your blanket on and closed your eyes?

Very long ago, right? So, can a felted cashmere scarf help you fall asleep?

Well, it’s not that surprising because according to research cited by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, approximately 30 percent of adults around the world have at least one of the four major symptoms of insomnia. The symptoms include late sleep initiation, difficulty in maintaining sleep or sleep fragmentation, not sleeping enough or waking up too early, and poor-quality sleep or low rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. There are many causes to them, ranging from physical, mental, or biological problems. But what most people don’t think about being a cause of concern is their sleeping environment.

Yes, the surroundings in which you sleep matter a lot! It is very important to have a balanced body temperature for a good night’s sleep, just like what the Goldilocks principle states, neither too hot nor too cold. There are two body temperatures, core, and skin temperatures, that need to be in sync with each other for the perfect sleep. The former has to be lower than the latter for sleep initiation, and this difference has to be maintained for an unfragmented deep sleep. This whole system of temperatures is called the thermoregulation of the body, which is essential for a night of ideal human sleep.

Now, What has Cashmere to do with thermoregulation and human sleep?

Well, believe it or not, the luxurious cashmere fiber has the potential to send you in the deepest laps of sleep. Bedding made of cashmere is very underrated and unheard of, for being used in winters as well as in summers.

Since you stay in contact with your bedding for almost 8 hours when you’re sleeping, it is very important to have them of the best quality, preferably made of 100% natural fiber. While polyester is a complete no, cotton is used mostly. But bedding made from cashmere wool takes you to another level, it is not only comfy but has plenty of other reasons too, with proper scientific backing to be the best for poor sleepers.

Our ultralight and feathery-soft hand-felted 100% pure cashmere scarf, 80 inches (203 cm) in length and 40 inches (102 cm) width, acts as a perfect comforter for you. It’s as large as a shawl, which can be easily used as a blanket to cover you up on cool summer and spring nights. Not only that but it can also be used for early fall and even for winters when you have the temperature maintained in your room but still need something light just to cozy up a little.

What is so special about Cashmere fiber?

We know you’re wondering how can a simple felted cashmere scarf significantly change one’s sleep patterns.

That’s because cashmere fiber is nature’s wonder. After all, it comes straight from the Himalayas, from the cashmere goats whose hair we use when they are done using in their wintertime. The work that hair does for them, is the same that it does for us- temperature regulation of the body, keeping just the right balance of hot and cold. That’s how a felted cashmere scarf helps you fall asleep. It is also be called micro-climate control.

Ultralight felted cashmere blanket helps you fall asleep.

Ultralight Felted Cashmere Blanket Helps You Fall Asleep

Let us find out what more felted cashmere scarf has to offer:

1. Takes care in the winters

Cashmere fibers are the best when it comes to heat insulation. It has the unique ability to hold the body heat in the air between the body and the scarf to help you stay warm. Especially during the chilly weather, when you have the temperature of your room already regulated but still feel a bit uneasy, that’s when your felted cashmere scarf comes to the rescue. The fibers take care of the cold and relieve you off of all your stress, sending you in laps of deep sleep.

2. Show wonders in summers

You might get surprised by this, but a felted cashmere scarf takes just as good of care of you as it takes in winter. That’s because of its wondrous capability to regulate body temperature. Surely it holds the body heat, but when it gets too much, the gaps between the felted cashmere fiber webs allow the excess heat to exit. These rules out all the possibilities of tossing and turning the whole night and getting your much-deserved beauty sleep.

3. Wicks the moisture away

The innate ability of the cashmere fibers to absorb water up to 30% of their weight is the reason behind why it absorbs the sweat and wicks it away. The porous cells of cashmere fibers absorb water molecules and escort them away in the air, acting like our second skin to keep us cool by evaporation. So just forget the thought of feeling clammy and sweaty the whole night under your breathable felted cashmere scarf.

4. Keeps the allergies away

One thing in which cashmere is not good at is being a good home for dust mites, bugs, bacteria, mold, or mildew. These unwanted guests require a damp and warm environment to thrive, which the cashmere fibers certainly do not provide. Hence, no dust mites and their siblings can reside in the dry environment of your hypoallergenic scarf. That means, no random sneezing and coughing in between your precious good night’s sleep.

5. Gentle and cozy

The felted cashmere scarf provides you the fluffiest and snugly feeling. Its fibers have natural crimps which act like tiny springs, adding up with its super-soft texture that feels heavenly. This combination is the most desirable for adults as well as for babies when it comes to bedding for sleeping. It’s gentle to the skin, does not cause any irritation, and keeps you warm and cozy.

6. Keeps safe from the fire

Cashmere is naturally flame resistant; it does not catch fire easily. Without the use of any external chemical coating, cashmere fibers pass the flame-retardant tests, which means it is not so easy to combust cashmere. So, you can have a safe and sound sleep cuddled up in your favorite felted cashmere scarf.

7. Keeps the fungus and microbes away

Cashmere has amazing antifungal and antimicrobial properties. The natural tendency of the fibers preserves it from fungal spores and harmful microbes. Also, since cashmere is excellent in moisture-wicking, it doesn’t allow the damp ideal conditions to stay for long and cause you trouble.

8. Controls the odor

Another function of our multi-functional cashmere fibers is to control the unpleasant odor that generally builds up in the bedding with time after multiple uses. Its breathable and moisture-wicking property doesn’t allow any odor-causing elements such as sweat, tiny insects, or fungus to stay. So every time you’ll use your felted cashmere scarf, chances are, you’ll find it fresh.

9. Durable and sustainable

When it comes to bedding choices, one of the most important credentials for the right one is to be durable and sustainable. Once you find your perfect sleeping essentials, there’s neither an urge for any further exploration, nor it’s easy to go and find another one. Here, your felted cashmere scarf is the one that is harmless to nature and very long-lasting. Once you use it as a part of your bedding, you’ll no longer want to replace it with something else.

10. Free of chemicals

Being 100% pure felted cashmere scarf, there’s no chance of any kind of chemical used here. The moment you put it on, you immediately fall into nature’s lap. This connection with nature improves your sleep significantly and makes it more synchronized with the circadian rhythm- our natural sleep pattern.

Sleep is the most essential part of our lives. It is the time when we are relaxing and reviving ourselves after a tiring day, so it should surely be spent in the comfiest manner. That soothing feeling is provided by your own Felted Cashmere Scarves. Being soft and supple, with multiple positive effects, the felted cashmere scarf helps you fall asleep and absolutely enhances your life! With proper care and storage, it lasts you for many years. These ultrafine Felted Cashmere Scarves make a perfect gifting option with a promise to keep your beloved ones warm and cozy all season.