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Article: 5 Ways to Wear Your Cashmere Scarf on Vacation

How to use felted cashmere scarf in vacation featured image.

5 Ways to Wear Your Cashmere Scarf on Vacation

No matter where you're headed or what type of travel you're embarking on, a cashmere scarf can be a versatile and useful accessory. With a little bit of creativity, you can use it in a variety of ways to keep yourself warm, comfortable, and stylish during your travels.


For vacations:

  • Use it as a blanket on the plane or in the car to keep yourself warm during long journeys.

  • Tie it around your waist or as a sarong for a beach day or poolside lounging.

  • Wrap it around your shoulders for an evening out or to cover up if the weather turns chilly.

  • Use it as a makeshift pillow or cushion if you need to take a quick nap or rest.


For work travel: conferences & seminars

  • Pair it with your business suit or dress to add a touch of elegance and warmth to your outfit.

  • Use it as a wrap or shawl to keep warm during chilly conference rooms or auditoriums.
  • Use it as a lap blanket during long flights or train rides.

  • Use it to cover your head and ears if you need to take a quick nap during a layover or a long meeting.

  • Tie it around your neck or shoulders to keep warm while walking to meetings or events.

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