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Article: Does Cashmere Soften With Time?

Does Cashmere Soften With Time?

 Yes, cashmere softens with time, and felting fast forwards the aging process naturally.

“Aging like fine wine” is a phrase heard and used by many, yet do you know that cashmere too is age-defying and gets noticeably softer with time? In fact, higher-quality cashmere softens over time and is one of the most long-lasting fibers around.

Cashmere scarfs do get softer with age, and with simple, yet timely care and careful storage, cashmere’s natural fibers become softer and warmer the more they are worn. Our Felted cashmere scarfs go through a unique process known as “Felting”. Felting forwards the aging process naturally and reduces pilling. Felted cashmere scarfs soften faster than regular cashmere scarfs as the scarves go through a pre-aging process.

While ordinary cashmere scarfs might take almost a year and a half to soften and achieve our felting level, our felted cashmere scarves are pre-aged to save time and effort on your part. Additionally, felting also makes cashmere scarfs light-weight, breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and undoubtedly softer than other cashmere scarves. 

Featherlight Felted Coral Orange Cashmere Scarf Women's

High-quality, felted cashmere is a worthy investment, as it outlasts many other fabrics, and is not only softer but warmer as you wear it more often. The more you wear and care for your cashmere, the better it becomes, hence we recommend you not discard your cashmere products after just one season of use.

Unparalleled craftsmanship dominated by skill, profound knowledge, and a vision to provide scarfs of inimitable quality while collaborating with artisans who implement traditional methods of scarf-making has been our guiding light. The process of felting is done solely by hand by skilled artisans who have an eye for detail. The cashmere scarf is submerged in an alkaline solution after which it is rubbed strenuously until we gain the desired texture and the scarf becomes firmer. Though our scarfs look and feel feathery and weightless, the special felting makes them strong, durable, and sustainable while quickening the softening process.

Modern yet timeless, indulgent but sustainable, irresistibly soft, graceful, and ultralight, are some distinctive characteristics of our felted cashmere scarfs. Give it love, and proper care and we promise you will see it become softer and more endearing over time! Enjoy your luxurious cashmere, which is a lifetime investment, and it will keep you stylish and elegant for years to come.

Felted cashmere scarf is securely package in hand-made pouch and hard covered box.

Every little detail matters in the journey to create and protect the thin, ultralight, and best Felted Cashmere Scarf. Each cashmere scarf is wrapped in a tissue pouch & presented in a hand-made protective gift box crafted from Lokta Paper. Lokta paper is made from a plant called “Lokta (Daphne)”, botanically known as Daphne Paper. It is native to Nepal and grows at an elevation of 2500 to 3000 meters.

In ancient times, Lokta paper was used to record Hindu and Buddhist scriptures because of its reliability and resistance to tearing, humidity, insects, and mold. It remains popular to this day for its rough, attractive texture and durability.

Felted cashmere gift box set to protect the scarf.

The paper is made from the plant’s bark which is sourced from the ground level without destroying its roots. The plant regenerates naturally within 3 to 4 years. Hence, there is no adverse effect on the forest ecology. This handmade Lokta paper box is made to last. We hope you find a good way to reuse it.