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Article: Can Vegans Wear Cashmere Scarves?

Can Vegans Wear Cashmere Scarves?

“I’m Vegan!” — You must have surely heard this statement, coming from someone you know, maybe your friend or a family member. And just so you know, this term is only about half a century old.

You may already know about the whole ‘Veganism’ hot trend- growing all across the world, but if not- let’s take a glimpse of it.

Can vegans wear cashmere scarves? The short answer is "Yes".

Can Vegans Wear Cashmere Scarves? The Short Answer Is Yes.

What Exactly is Veganism?

Veganism is a way of living that rejects the consumption of all sorts of products such as food, clothing, or any other service related to animals, especially when exploited in the process.

The motto is to treat the animals as our fellow companions on earth who have the right to live freely, without cruelty.

Another reason is for health purposes. A plant-based diet is considered best for the functioning of the human body.

Veganism also considers the environmental impact. It aims to rule out the adverse effects on the environment caused due to animal agriculture.

Whatever may be the reason for going vegan, one thing is sure that its growth rate is high.

Following a vegan diet is one thing, but when we talk about a vegan lifestyle- it means no animal products- be it leather, oil, fur, feathers, or silk.

So, it is natural to think that-

Is Cashmere Vegan?

Short answer- No.

If we try to categorize cashmere by the definition of vegan, then logically- it is not vegan. That’s because cashmere is a type of animal fiber that comes from the hair of an exclusive breed of Chyangra goats found in the Himalayas of Nepal or other places such as India, China, Mongolia, Iran, and Iraq.

Cashmere fibers produced from the downy coat of Chyangra goats by combing away the extra hair requires stroking the hair with a specially designed brush to collect the fluff of the coarse hair.

The combing process is done in the molting period of the goats when there is summer-spring season in the high-altitude areas. They no longer require the natural coat to protect them from harsh winters.

In warmer conditions, goats naturally shed their hair. It makes it easy for us to obtain cashmere fibers. Then these ‘diamond’ fibers are cleaned and spun into yarns, ready for weaving and knitting purposes- converting fibers into elegant shawls, sweaters, and other products.

Since the process of obtaining the fibers requires such interaction with the goats, many people wonder-

Can Vegans Wear Cashmere?

The answer to this is quite debatable because it is difficult to know its origin and method of production.

We collect cashmere fibers in the natural molting season. The process of combing is done gently with care. Vegans can peacefully wear our cashmere products.

For yarn sustainability, we use fabric with certification: SFA certificate, OEKO-TEX100, OEKO-TEX certificate, which ensures the good ethical practice of farm to fiber.

So, what about the Ultralight 100% Pure Felted Cashmere Scarf?

Can Vegans Wear Cashmere Scarves That Is 100% Pure, Felted, & Ultralight?

Yes! Vegans can wear them.

You’ll be delighted to know that our felted ultralight cashmere scarves are vegan-safe! 

Coming from the beautiful Himalayan valleys of Nepal, the cashmere fiber used to make the felted ultralight cashmere scarves are 100% cruelty-free. 

  • The Chyangra goats from where the fibers come, are treated with utmost love and care and are taken care of well. 
  • It is made sure that the combing is done only during the molting period of goats, that is from the end of March to the beginning of May. It is when they genuinely don’t require their thick hair. In fact, combing out the excess hair makes their life much easier.
  • The combing process is also carried out gently by trained and experienced individuals, who understand the goats and know how to handle them considerately. 

The process of making the felted ultralight cashmere scarf is done ethically, without causing any harm to the wildlife in any way. It is quite a delicate procedure that requires gentle and skilled artisans to carry out the whole process. 

The backstory of the 100% pure felted ultralight cashmere scarf is a pleasant one. It has a happy ending with products like these.

So, it is safe to say that vegans all around the world can enjoy the heavenly felted, versatile & timeless ultralight cashmere scarf- carrying nature’s wonder and positive vibes!