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Article: 4 Reasons Why Felted Cashmere Scarf Is Sustainable

4 Reasons Why Felted Cashmere Scarf Is Sustainable

When it comes to sustainable fashion, the 100% Featherlight Felted Cashmere Scarf is at the top of its game. It’s made with delicate care and attention by using only natural materials that won’t harm your skin or wear down easily over time like synthetics would in most cases. A sustainable felted cashmere scarf deserves more recognition!

Sustainable felted cashmere scarf.

Handcrafted From Natural Fiber, Felted Cashmere Scarves Are 100% Sustainable.

A long time ago, when industrialization was not part of the world- there was no such thing as sustainability

Whether it was the production of food items, clothing, or any other services, all was carried out in a sustainable manner naturally. The options in different areas of goods and products were quite limited, and people also shopped ethically, just to fulfill their needs.

The concept of sustainability has been an issue for many years, but with the changing world and its advanced technology, it is something that we should be thinking about now more than ever.

Throwing some light on the clothing market specifically, earlier there was no such thing as man-made fibers. No polyester, nylon, or rayon was used. Only natural fibers such as cotton, silk, wool, etc. were there. But now, fibers created in labs are used to fuel the fast-fashion industries- producing tons and tons of non-biodegradable clothes with each growing year.

Slowly, the world is realizing the threats of fast fashion and is now embracing slow fashion as its contribution towards sustainability. They are switching back to shopping for long-lasting organically produced clothing, looking at them as an investment rather than just expenditure.

The Featherlight 100% Pure Felted Cashmere Scarf undoubtedly contributes to slow fashion. It is a timeless piece- playing a huge part in building your sustainable wardrobe. We can vouch for it for all the right reasons!

Here are the 4 main reasons why owning the 100% featherlight felted cashmere scarf is the sustainable choice:

1. Ethically Produced

When we talk about sustainability, it is not just about the end product is recyclable and biodegradable. It also focuses on the journey of its production. For the felted cashmere scarves, there are many meticulous processes involved.

  • Sourcing the fiber

It requires the collection of cashmere fibers from the Chyangra goats found in the Himalayan valleys of Nepal. The process is carried out in the molting period of these goats when it’s time to naturally shed their finest and most warming fibers.

This shedding occurs because of the rising temperature in the spring-summer season. Skilled individuals collect these finest of cashmere fibers by combing the Chyangra goats- handling them with utmost love and care.

  • Refining and Spinning

The collected cashmere fibers are cleaned off from all the dirt and debris and then set out to spin them in yarn. There are individuals who have been doing this work perfectly for generations with zero damage to the environment in any way.

  • Weaving

It is a very intricate task to weave the delicate cashmere into beautiful scarves. So only highly skilled artisans perform this task on handlooms. Their expertise results in the creation of perfect drapes and beautiful designs having unbreakable strength. No industrial machines are used in this process.

  • Dyeing and Felting

All the scarves are dyed with negligible chemical treatment and are felted by hand. No heavy detergents are used in the process- keeping the scarves as natural as possible. 

The production process of the felted cashmere scarves involves the least damage to the environment and to the labor force involved with it, making them a sustainable choice. 

A man felting a featherlight cashmere scarf.

Hand Felting Featheright Cashmere Scarf

2. Biodegradable and Recyclable

Since cashmere comes from the hair of the exclusive Chyangra goats from the high-altitude regions (4000 meters above sea level under -40 degrees Celcius), it is 100% biodegradable.

The moment you allow it to be in a dark and damp condition for long, there are high chances that you’ll soon see a fungi attack and mold formation on them. When allowed unattended, it is definite to see them vanish and be eaten by moths and bugs.

If ever the cashmere is buried in the earth, it is certain to find it gone. There’s no question about the biodegradability of cashmere.

With biodegradability, cashmere fibers are recyclable as well. Old cashmere can be used again to source fibers and repeat the cycle of production for new products. The quality reduces a bit, but its functionality and exclusivity remain intact.

A man refining raw cashmere wool.

Cashmere Wool

3. Durable

We have already brought up the fact that 100% pure felted cashmere scarves are an investment rather than an expenditure. They have numerous qualities which make it hard to get worn out easily and long-lasting (even for generations) when taken proper care of

The perfection in the weaving of these scarves ensures that it holds unbreakable strength, stretchability, and structure-regaining quality when allowed to rest.

Also, It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the hand-feel of felted cashmere becomes softer with each wash, making it cozier with time. So, the durability of these scarves makes them a major qualifier for a sustainable choice.

4. Multiple Uses

The use of the felted cashmere scarves is not just limited to your neck, but for other purposes also. And not just during winters, these scarves have the potential to be worn in summers too! Simply because of the tendency of cashmere fibers to regulate our body temperature. 

Instead of just heating us up, it actually acts as a second skin, which helps us to maintain just the right temperature for us. The cashmere fibers have unique moisture-wicking capabilities that help with this thermoregulation process, by wicking away our sweat.

These all-rounder felted cashmere scarves can also act as bedding or swaddle cloths for babies- providing them with heavenly comfort. Not just for young women, but these scarves can also be sported by men and can be put to use by senior citizens too.

The felted cashmere scarves become a real player when styled for different occasions. You may use it for workwear, casual wear, or party wear- it’s definite that you’ll not be disappointed by its versatility.

All these 4 reasons lead to the wonderful fact that featherlight 100% pure felted cashmere scarves contribute to sustainability, and having a few of them in your wardrobe is the best choice!

So, be a pioneer of slow fashion and add some beautiful felted cashmere pieces to your sustainable wardrobe!